Awesome Restoration in New Zealand!!!

This man came to our website seeking help. After getting the men’s book, he wrote to our Q&A Column with this:
My wife has left. What do I do about seeing our children? I agree with your books on my marriage. The law in NZ is that if I don’t contest the custody order then I won’t see the children
until they are 16. My wife has alleged abuse by me of the children. Should I not fight to see our 7 (age 1-13) children? If I don’t go to court and she does then she will have no legal obligation to let me ever see our children again.”
This man had not seen his seven children for over SIX MONTHS!! We advised him to trust the Lord, RELEASE his attorney and not DEFEND himself against the allegations. The magnitude of his decisions and his ultimate trust in the Lord has brought about an AWESOME blessing. Here it is:

After he agreed that trusting the Lord was the ONLY WAY, he experienced a tremendous peace. He was able to work his farm better. Then he called and asked for a large packet of materials to be sent to him to give to all the men he knew who also needed help.

A few weeks later, he wrote about all the Lord was doing in his life. I felt impressed to tell him to agree with my husband and me in prayer that “his wife would need his help and call him.” The laws in effect said that she could contact him, but that he would be thrown in jail if he contacted her! We agreed and prayed. Three days later, we received this praise report:

Last night at 7.15 I got a phone call from my wife. First contact with her for just over 6 months!!! I couldn’t believe it!! She rang ME! You said you would pray she had a need. She has no money and wasn’t going to give the children any Christmas at all. But she (God) decided to ring me only ONE time and ask if I would send her some money for the children. She then talked to me for 7 and a half hours. Yes, till 2.45 this morning!!! I was in a state of shock for much of the call, but thanks to your books etc., must have done some right things for her to talk so long.

I didn’t once say ‘I love you’ even at the end. If she had said it then I would have. I didn’t even ask if I could see the children or her or anything like that so there was no pressure for her to do anything for the money. She gave me her address to send some money to (I agreed but she didn’t give an amount—left that up to me).

She told me most of what had happened to her and the children during the past 6 months. At about 1 o’clock she said she hadn’t meant to talk for so long and then carried on for a lot longer. I tried to listen to her and agree wherever I could. We had a great talk about the Word and God and the good things of God.

There was no mention of another call or anything. I didn’t even hint that I was wanting to see her or talk again. When we were talking I wasn’t sure if I should be asking her for forgiveness yet or if it was the right time. I couldn’t remember if you said I should as soon as possible or not. Because I was unsure I didn’t say anything. ???

Her talk about her walk seemed pretty good. She said a lot about rebellion and how bad it was and things like that. How can what she was saying line up with the Word and yet in the area of marriage she can’t see it (YET?????)

She also seemed to accept that the marriage was over and it was going to be like her parents (who split when she was 2 and are both on their 3rd marriage). Then she said, ‘I don’t want it to end like my parents.’ ???? This was a miracle!

And yes, I am thanking God. Is there anything I should do now other than pray that God continues to turn her heart back to me?????. This is the scary time because one wrong word could wreck everything. I believe she will ring again. After all she rang once that I didn’t expect. (Yes, I know by faith I should have, but after the place I got to last night I no longer did.)

I will try to read through both the books again, today, in case she rings again tonight, but I have a very busy day on the farm (hay time).

I tried not to say anything bad about anything she was doing with the children or the house that she has bought.

I want to praise God and tell everyone who has been praying, but I feel I shouldn’t tell anyone (how not to) because she didn’t give me any permission to share that she had rung me.

Must go. I got 2 and a half hours sleep and am late leaving for the milking now. I just wanted to share this. Is this awesome or what? I know it’s God!! Bless you heaps and heaps.

He did give her a substantial check for the children’s Christmas. Then a new test came:

My wife rang again today. Praise God!!!! She wants to work out the money between ourselves and not involve the lawyer. She has already run up $15,000 + legal bills and doesn’t want any more. She asked if I would pay off a gift that she got of $30,000 to put a deposit down on the house she bought. She wanted me to give her $100 a week for 6 years. She wants me to keep the farm for the children. She was talking about a divorce and not sure whether to carry on with it. I think she realizes she can’t marry again in God’s eyes.

I said ‘yes’ I liked her principle, but could I pray about it before deciding. What I want to do and believe God wants me to do. (If you agree then please pray that my wife will accept it.) I want to
give her the $30,000 as a gift so she can not owe these other people. She was not happy because they are already telling her what to do even though it was supposed to be a gift. I can get the money (GOD is great) as a gift to me (real gift) and no one will ever know how she got the money. Is it good for me to do as much as possible for her money wise???

Also I want to offer to pay her mortgage. I can take this from the farm as part of my personal drawings and no one will ever know what it is being used for except my wife and God. Does this sound right???? If I haven’t heard from you before she rings again (I believe that she will, GOD is working big time) then this is the offer I will make her.

Also, I want to offer that if she needs money for anything else to ask me first. This seems right to me. Am I right in all this? Should I be doing as much to help as I can ???

She has long-term plans for everything, but I know God has started turning her heart back to me. Why else would she be ringing?

She said today that she has never stopped loving me. I think God is so awesome and awesome.

Here are just three more of his praise reports:

Do you know how awesome it is to pick up the phone and hear ‘Hi, it’s me here’ on the other end! After over 6 months of not hearing her voice and now I’ve had my 3rd phone call!!! We
talked for 4 hours until she was late getting the children from school. Thank you for all your prayers. I can never repay you but God can.

My wife came around tonight for two hours with all 7 children!!! She didn’t seem totally comfortable. She talked and came inside and had a coffee. The children got heaps of their things and loaded up the van. It was awesome! Before today, I hadn’t seen her or 4 of the children for 6 and a half months. Then in town, and here at our house tonight. This praise report seems impossible—it was just 6 days ago when I talked with her for the first time in 6+ months.

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