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 and then

Submit your mp3 file to:

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Praise Report 800x533

Dear Ministry Team Member,

We are so excited that men all over the world can be encouraged by hearing your voice and hearing the love and the passion that you have for your Heavenly Father.

We also understand that He made each of us unique and therefore each one of you will bring your own unique qualities that He gave you— exactly what our readers and now listeners want to hear. 

Also, remember that when someone listens to your PODCAST we want them to FEEL encouraged—leave them wanting who you have—your Heavenly Father and Brother! And this means, when you start, ask the Lord to fill you with His love and put a smile on our face so they can hear that love! Think of encouraging your ePartner or a close friend or family member.

With that, please keep in mind we may ask you to rerecord a podcast if, unfortunately, we are not able to use what you submitted. Usually it's due to one or more of these following reasons:

  • You are speaking too fast.
  • You can tell you are reading and not talking to the listener.
  • We cannot hear His love in your voice. Think of Him and we will hear it.
  • You are not pronouncing it very clearly, which will be resolved if you talk a little slower.
  • There’s too much background noise.
  • There’s a buzz. Try using another recording option or change your ear pods.

Please listen to your PODCAST again and again, each time SG to help you record a new one and as with ALL things, you know He will help you.

Matthew 7:7-8 7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

We are very excited to hear what the Lord reveals to you and also receive your PODCAST.

AUDIO quality includes: 

Sound quality: no buzzing or background noise

Sound volume: not too loud or volume is too low to hear

Your heart: the listener can hear your heart

Your joy: the listener can hear your smile

Your speed: read it slowly

Your professionalism: it doesn't sound like you're reading it.

If you'd like to improve the Quality, focus on these below. SG and ask Him to "lead you" to the solution—which we trust will result in another praise!!

Sound quality: We heard a bit of buzzing and/or background noise. Using ear pods may help. You may also try recording from your phone or computer —whichever you didn't record on.

Sound volume: The sound was a bit too loud or volume is too low to hear. Test a few raising and lowering the volume on your computer or phone.

Your heart: We didn't really hear your heart. We know you have a heart for Him, so focus on Him before you're about to record and trust Him so you don't get nervous. Often the fear of messing up or feeling self-conscience—like when you sense your English isn't good enough. The TRUTH is, almost always you sound amazing and less than perfect just reminds us that He has gathered us from around the world to work and praise Him together!

Your joy: We really couldn't hear your smile. The solution is ofter above but is often due to you not smiling. If you're smiling, you can hear it 🙂

Your speed: It was a bit fast, so just read it much more slowly next time. Rest in Him, don't be in a hurry to finish.

Your professionalism: It was easy to tell you are reading it. This comes with practice. You'll soon notice that when you begin reading, later on when you're not self-conscience about it and you just focus on the faces of your audience, it will no longer sound like you're reading it.

Submit a one minute Audition, then you can record the full audio for us to use on the blog and for you to use in your Social Media Ministry.

Stay Encouraged Blog!

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