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Next, take our FREE Ministry Course 2: Rebuild becoming "A Wise Man"
Helping you become the Spiritual Leader your wife deserves!!


The second time through "A Wise Man," take your wife's hand Course 3: Rebuild your marriage on the Rock!


"At Last, There's Hope" Course 4:
Helping you find real Hope for your Hopeless Marriage!!


SUPER needed, traveling along this course led to me knowing and experiencing m GOD AND knowing HIS WORD AND it has given me and ALL THOSE WHO HAVE a heart to OBEY will find their ANSWERS in this course!!

When I found you I'd just THOUGHT of SUICIDE, I also wanted and planned to DESTROY MY WIFE AS WELL, because she had plans to and said she wanted to destroy ME.

But then I found you and began the course and everything changed. Though restoration may NOT be GOD'S WILL TODAY I do believe that one day MY WIFE and I will be RESTORED. This course taught me to RESPECTFUL in all things, respectful of the life He's given me and of the LOVE he has given and what has HELPED ME, enough to LOVE HER and create a new and renewed ME... renewed IN my RELATION TO GOD, and now HAVING FULL KNOWLEDGE OF GOD and HE is THE ONLY HELP and HOPE I need.

GOD, MY LORD, THE KING OF ISRAEL, THANK YOU FATHER FOR DIRECTING ME HERE. Showing me THE WAY, and I BELIEVE IN YOU FATHER IN THE SAME WAY THAT this site was -- USED to BLESS ME!! I am SO blessed and ask you bless the OTHER PEOPLE who made this possible.



Thank you all,

I highly recommend this course, because this course teaches the truth, things that a man needs to know to fulfill his roles, and that it should be based on finding favor in the eyes of God, not to please others. For me if God spoke something in His word, it's spoken and there is no debate.

The course instructs man to do the right thing even if the wife is out house, or he has been divorced, no matter what has happened, no matter what sin the man or his wife have committed, to simply ask God for forgiveness, repent in your heart, and sin no more, follow firm on the walk towards restoration, in meekness, obedience, prayer, faith and wisdom.

My life was when I found you was that I was blind, and could not see a foot in front of my nose, because I did not know the truth and what God said about being a man or how to be a husband. So I was angry, a liar, an adulterer, proud, but now I am being purified by the word of the Lord, and have hope each day I begin my day doing my lesson.

Before these lessons I fought a lot with my wife and we had many ups and downs is our marriage of only 2 years. Our love was a worldly sort of love, a love that always expects something in return. Now the love I feel for her is a agape love, equal that in Corinthians 13, a love that It endures all things. Today I find myself able to forgive her for anything she has done or could do. Because of what I've learned, I know now that my enemy is not my wife, like me, she does not know what to do. Yes, I know I failed in the role of her spiritual leader, and pray to God every day for another chance to build a marriage on the Rock of You God. I hope to one day fulfill my role, gradually implanting the truth into my entire family and one day be happy forever in the Lord's grace.

I am thankful she is now living again with her mother and not the other man. I experienced enormous pain from memories and loneliness in our house when she left, yet the pains are inevitable, and what doesn't kill us, strengthens us, so today I am much stronger than a month ago when I began this journey.

I do not believe my wife could bear the situation, so probably God chose me to live this situation because He knew I had the strength to endure and as you said, He needs a heart of one of us, so I am thankful it was me and will remain in the Lord's faith to victory.

My Lord and my God, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for my friend who introduced me to this course, and a huge thanks for all you in this ministry who have directly or indirectly helped me with my life changing. You are instruments of His. Your truth about marriage that you offered me for free is freeing me, and now I follow His ways because only Jesus is the way, is what's true and He is life and I want to follow only Jesus. I want to live in Him and be happy with my family for eternity.

I hope to have more children with my beloved wife, I want 3 more Lord, and trust You and am very grateful for our year old baby girl, my princess. I will forever follow His ways, will praise Him for all my life, and I will be patient for Him to turn my wife's heart back to me. Amen

Cristhian in Brazil

I just have to thank God for giving me this opportunity to find this ministry! I have already recommended it, and passed it along to many men and hope it helps many couples like it's helped us.

Hard to believe but one of my pastors who'd helped me in other areas of my life told me to go out and find another wife because my wife would be "very expensive" is the term he used (because I would have to seek the restoration of my marriage and she could be with someone else too enjoying her life!) He advised me to go to seek another woman, and I accepted this without knowing the truth. Praise God I realized right away this was not what I wanted, and unexpectedly found help, help me restore my marriage!! That's why I thank God I found this ministry and your studies because now everything you've given me has brought me great joy. Thank you very much for feeding me all this!!

Thank God for you. I love you for the great truth having put all this into my hands. I praise you Lord. And thank you all for this!

Jamerson in Brazil

When I thought about giving up and end my life, leaving this rotting world, the Lord led me here.

When I found the course, I began to invest my time in this course, I read and re-read each lesson carefully, then began to follow the amazing truth and use began to use what I learned during every moment of my life. I hope you will also take advantage of what we've been given and let the Lord give you through the truth by taking this course and you'll see your entire focus in life will change.

When I came here I was desperate and there I had spent seven years away from the Lord's and His way. I realized I was ungrounded and as a result, I was aimlessly abandoned by my wife and son. I spent most of my time in my car to think less, I'd  spend time in prostitution, drinking and carousing, until one day I realized I needed to seek the aid in Christ Jesus, the One who had called me many years ago.

Then one day while in my office I sought help and searched the internet and found this ministry! I decided to take the course and through it, it began to sanctify me, and it changed my life by giving me a firm path to my victory in Him.

Lord my God, Most Holy Father of light and eternity, when I cried and cried seeking help You sent me the answer, the Lord brought me here, thank You for Your love, affection and loyalty, from me, an ungrateful son and something I never deserved. Thanks Dad for loading me up with the truth and showing me this way, Your way, after so much suffering. Lord, I just have to thank You for all that is and all You have done for me.

God is faithful, love you Jesus

Please, do not give up dear friend. He says, in Philippians 1: 6-7 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which began a good work you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ; How right for me to think this of you all, because I have you in my heart, as you all are partakers with me of grace, both in my bonds and in my defense and confirmation of the gospel." And in Psalm 30: 5 "For His anger endureth but a moment; but His favor is for life. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."

Evandro in SP
I'm fighting for my marriage alone, the four years. During this period, we come back, between October 2014 and February 2015. It has not been easy, listen to the unpleasantness with the person who promised me fidelity and everlasting love, but then my wife is still with the OM. But, this study helped me a lot, leaving me a little more excited at what He promises to do.

Certainly, now that I've finished this course, I will be, one day, God willing, I will have my testimony to share.

Herbert in Brazil
Grace and Peace my Friend,

I am finishing my first week on the free 30-Day Course and great blessings the Lord has given me to change my life! The merciful Lord directed me to this ministry because for far too many years I have fallen away from His plan for my life. Before He led me here, I saw my only choice would be to die as the only way to end my suffering. Then He led me here.

Since coming here, the Lord has taught me new things daily and showed me where and how I’d messed up and how important it is to meet with Him face to face, something that has not happened for many years.

Regardless of what I have sought the Lord Jesus for, He gave me the opportunity to be born again in His arms, even though I’m going through the desert right now. Whatever difficulty, I know He is with me and that's enough for me.

I will continue going strong in search of my dream to be restored and I believe that what God has reserved me is great. God is Faithful and all honor and glory be to Him.
Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.

Regardless of the situation, it’s the wilderness and our problems we take to Him that glorifies God because it will have a weight of glory in the end.

Isaiah 64: 8 But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all the work of your hands.

We are a vessel in the hands of the Lord, at the moment He is shaping us at His will so let His will be done.

May the Lord multiply and greatly bless this ministry, which is a blessing channel in the lives of all who come here.


Praise the Lord Jesus !!

My beloved brethren, my walk with the Lord is just beginning, but I can already feel change happening in my life thanks to the new course. Every time I go through one each morning, I search myself, always reflecting if what I'm doing or will do is something that will please my heavenly Father. It is not easy, Jesus never said that it would be, on the contrary, the Bible is clear when it says that being a Christian is very difficult, our way is hard and full of tribulations. But, glory to God, this was the path I have chosen, or rather that God has shown me and called me to go down, and decided in the name of Christ the Savior, He will help me through this journey.

Time and again I still find myself doing something that is not appropriate for a Christian to do, but now, from the moment that He opened my eyes through these courses. I can see my mistakes and ask for forgiveness for what I did and try not to do it again with HIs help. We are such sinful creatures, sin is part of our human nature, but we can avoid them, if we know the truth and there is only one way to do this: let the Holy Spirit fill our inner self and follow what Jesus commanded, to love HIM above all things then our brothers as ourselves. So, this is how we should act, loving to those who do us harm (including our wives), remaining meek, trying to be loyal to our Father and wishing wholeheartedly to spiritual death so we can be reborn as new creatures, filled with the Holy Spirit. Amen!!

"Better a patient man than a warrior, better control their spirit to conquer a city." Proverbs 16:32


It was by the grace of God I that came to your site. For this I give praise to God who wants us to see well.
This and the best course I've found based on truthful scriptures, simple to understand and well formulated to help everyone as we each suffer from the enemy's attack on our lives.

The course changed my entire being; I learned to go to Him, and I learned to practice unconditional love. Now I know the factors and reasons that are the basis of many problems in my home. And throughout it makes it clear the key is that we always need to put God first.

My life was a person who thought that all was well in my home while my wife suffered emotionally, and I did not understand how blind I was to this. Instead of leading my family, I was giving space for evil to reign— allowing my wife to feel humiliated in front of many people, but it all happened unconsciously or complete ignorance on my part.
I had never known what an injured woman will do to find what she needs. The day wife told me that there was another man, I was devastated. And then I sought the face of the Lord and in searching I came to this site that has shown me how to follow the Lord God going the long but sure way to find peace!!

Thank You my God for the grace and mercy You have given me, and forgiving me of my sins. Praise be given to Your name by allowing ministries like this one that uses technology so desperate people like me can be redeemed— their sheep—and save marriages that the devil has destroyed. Many thanks to this team that serves the Lord with as much zeal and dedication that can produce what was offered to me.

Miguel in South Africa

i would absolutley recommend this course. i believe the teachings are from jesus and will work if applied

Anthony in New York

I highly recommend this course to any man that is facing a marriage crisis. The most important thing a man can do is to put God first in his life. Even above his wife and his marriage and to have God as his solid foundation to build his life upon.This course teaches a man to do that very thing. With God in control of your life, things can only get better. It may not seem like that at first, but don't lose hope.

Ron in California

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