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"Seek— and you Shall Find"
There is a free ONLINE Strong’s Concordance for NASB (which is what is primarily used in the RYM and WM book). It’s VERY easy to use learn more

Download a Free Biblegateway AP​

Reading Psalms & Proverbs Daily—
find out why this will change your perspective on life.

Scourby Bible—
An EASY and NON-intimidating way to read your ENTIRE bible in less than 90 days! For IOS devices search "Scourby YouBible" (read while listening) in the App Store. [Amazon, Android, iKindle Fire Tablets, Nook, Galaxy Android Tablet learn more.

There are 70 hours to listen and read along with. So, even if you do just 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening, like we did as a family, that’s 70 days or less than 2 ½ months—to read through the entire Bible!! Think about how many Christians have struggled to read through it in a year!