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"And I, if I am lifted up, will draw all people to Myself.” J1232

☝🏻If you're here for marriage restoration...PLEASE REMEMBER to focus YOUR PRAISE on your Heavenly Father—NOT on your earthly wife or ex-wife.

💗 Thank you! 💗

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1 thought on “Post your Praise!”

  1. Six months ago I confessed to my wife that I had committed adultery over ten years ago. I had confessed this to her because it was put on my heart. Immediately I blamed her for my sins. I projected my sins against her. She had moved to a different room and I have slept in the same bed, alone. She said that “I’m done” and “I don’t trust you”. I cried out to God. I fully submitted my life to Him. In the last three months, we have gone from not speaking to having conversations, from not touching to a kiss good night each night. I check on her every morning, as she is disabled and has a tendency to fall out of her bed. I pray over her before I go to work. Instead of blaming her or blaming God, I have confessed my sins and strive to sin no more. It is a slow journey, but God knows what he is doing. I put my faith and trust in Him.

    This is a hard trial, but it has made me see that the only way to overcome it is by hope, faith and love. God is the God of Hope. God is faithful to us and will give us the promises in his word through Jesus the Christ. God is love. I strive to let His love flow through me, so that I may be a light to those around me.

    Losing hope is not an option. Losing faith is not an option. Giving up is not an option. For, with God, the great God of Restoration, is there guiding my path through the valley of the shadow of death. I know that my marriage will be restored. God promises that. I believe that my marriage will be restored. God promises that. I trust in God, not man. God is good always and His trials are for the good of us. We need to trust and know that He is working in our lives. We need to be obedient to His will. Once we accept that, our lives, our outlooks will change. Believe me when I say this: Trust in HIM and let HIM guide our steps and HE will give us the PROMISES that HE made through the LORD and SAVIOR JESUS.

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