Restored in Mauritius

Restored in Mauritius

Kiyan please tell our readers, how your marriage crisis began:

My wife was very distant with me for about 10 month. We were like two strangers in our house. She didn't talk to me. She pass all her time at her mother's house. We were not intimate. And I was drunk a lot because of this situation.

Next, Kiyan, please tell our readers, how did God change you & your situation as you sought Him wholeheartedly?

After coming here I began to pray and fast twice in a week, I began to read the Holy Bible, and I stopped drinking. That’s when I began to have faith in my difficult situation knowing He could restore us.

Kiyan can you please tell our readers, what principles, from God's Word (or through our resources), that the Lord taught you during this trial? 

Most important that I learned right away is that Nothing is impossible for God. Also, that we walk by faith not by sight because we all expect to see some change when He says we won’t because that’s not faith. Very important to repent of your sins. Not until I repented of all my sins and turned away from them did I find faith. And that the reason He asks us to go through this trial is that God wanted to teach me humility.

Please tell our readers, Kiyan, what your most difficult times were that God helped you through.

When I knew that my wife was in adultery. Then soon after, the other man came to talk to me and did so violently. The worse was because my son witness all these scenes each time it happened.

Kiyan, please help our readers know if you suspected you were close to restoration? Were there any signs? 

No i suspected nothing. Again we need to live by faith when we see no change.

Now Kiyan please tell our readers what was the “turning point” of your restoration?

The turning point for me is when I felt like a great peace came over me in this hopeless situation. Soon after my wife began to be sick, and then one day she sent me an email. In it, she said she didn't know what to do, she felt like a great guilt had overtaken her soul and she couldn’t pray anymore. Just like it says in RMI’s materials for men, that if we do what He asks and we make Him first, following all the principles that are designed to change us into the husband we need to be for our wives, then God will create a crisis in our wife’s life in order for her to come to us.

Kiyan if you would, carefully explain just HOW it happened: Did your wife contact you by phone or just show up at your home?

One early morning my wife showed up at my home, soon after she emailed. We talked a lot and then I felt I needed to tell her to come back home. She quickly said yes, but she also said she was very afraid. So a few more days passed, I was simply patient knowing God had to finish it. Even though she didn’t come home then, we continued emailing each other, then even to laugh together, then one Saturday I asked her to stay. That day she accepted and since then, she has been safely in our home and I am able to be the husband she always needed me to be.

Lastly, Kiyan, based on your own restoration, would you recommend any of our resource in particular that helped you?

By the Word of Their Testimony and the Be Encouraged eVideos were very helpful in my restoration. I also recommend these below because all these resources for men will help anyone who is in a very hopeless marriage. I know they work to change men and restored their marriages.

How God Will Restore your Marriage

A Wise Man

By the Word of Their Testimony

Facing Divorce

Daily Devotionals


Be Encouraged eVideos

New Online course

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What kind of encouragement would you like to leave other men with in conclusion to what you've already shared?

Be strong the LORD is GREAT, He hears our prayers, HE will show HIS Face to whomever will seek HIM wholeheartedly. And that above all, if you let Him, nothing is impossible to HIM and lastly, we shouldn't be lukewarm Christians but men who know the Lord personally.

This testimony and many more are

By the Word of Their Testimony (Book 3): Nothing is Impossible With God

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