"Thank You so much LORD . . . for giving all of us Erin to assist You in bringing families together after enduring such hard times. The praise goes to the LORD; many thanks and blessings to Restore Ministries and her family for the work she to help deliver His word in ways that many can understand in her books. I am now RESTORED after a divorce and being separated almost 2 years!" C.B.

"Erin, I want to thank you for what you do to help marriages. I am so thankful that God has restored my marriage and as I continue to seek Him, I now think I know what you mean.... BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!! Just two days after my mother's funeral my marriage was restored!! I had cried out to God for help because when I went to my pastor and asked what I could do he just looked sad and said it was up to my spouse, but by the Grace of God I found Restore Ministries and your books!!!" B.J.

"After reading your books, I stopped begging and asking my spouse about coming home. What a difference it made from when I thought I had to "express how I felt" and "win the war" as I lost peace for eight long years! My marriage is finally restored!!" M.W.

"Erin, I want to thank you so much for being so honest with all of us in your books. Thank you for allowing the Lord to change you, and for allowing Him to help you spread the truth. My spouse is home—home almost one year to the day after the Lord removed what had been distracting me from knowing Him. I was controlling, angry, suspicious, hurt, bitter, had committed adultery, and was ready to kill myself when my spouse left. Would you believe that now my spouse keeps telling me how lucky to have married me and wants to ‘show me off’ to friends and family?!!" M.P.

"Praise God! Thank You Jesus, and thank you for the guidance to get myself in tune with God's will that I learned in your books!! God can and will restore if we let Him! IF WE LET JESUS DO IT, HE WILL DO IT!! PRAISE GOD!! PRAISE GOD!! Our home is finally ‘home’ again, and this ministry helped me see that it's not what I think or what the world thinks, BUT WHAT GOD WANTS ME TO THINK AND DO! Don't listen to people’s opinions; go to God! Do what the Lord says and it will work!" D.D.

"Praise God with every breath that He gives us. I thank God for this wonderful ministry that I found when I was at my lowest. Erin, you have been like John the Baptist to me, pointing me in the direction of God, my first love. My spouse is home, PTL!! And is more affectionate and considerate and tells our family that we must put God first! I can't help but cry tears of joy when I think about how far God has brought me and to know that God loves me even with all my shortcomings. Who wouldn't serve a God like this? Just P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens)." K.T.

"I am convinced also, as Erin is, that ‘marriage crises’ are not about the marriage, but are actually ‘spiritual crises’ in disguise. For those of you out there who are wondering if you need to apply all the Biblical principles that Erin suggests in her books: JUST DO IT! My spouse has been home now for a little over one month, and has shared with me one story after another that confirms this wisdom of following God's way!!" K.B.

"Erin, I thought my spouse and I were happily married until this summer. I was drowning in despair and wanted to save my marriage but could find no help. Erin is so right about counseling -- it only made things worse!! (And my minor is in psychology!) A Christian friend led me to your site, which was a miracle in itself the way that happened, and I immediately embraced God and the teachings I found in your books. I was saved through the prayer I found on your website. I am finally praying a lot and in the Word every day and I can see so many changes in myself that my spouse is responding to, slowly but surely. I did not see any of my own sins until this all happened. The scales were definitely lifted from my eyes." M.B.