1 thought on “Friday: Devotional, Promise, Ps&Prov”

  1. I came back from Encouraging Women website after I read streams in the desert, because I wanted to draw attention to something that I believe most men would identify with and it’s just so wonderfully good and encouraging.

    “Our spiritual conflicts are among our most wonderful blessings, and the Adversary is used to train us for his own ultimate defeat. The ancient Phrygians of Asia Minor had a legend that every time they conquered an enemy, they absorbed the physical strength of their victims and added to their own strength and bravery. And in truth, meeting temptation victoriously doubles our spiritual strength and weaponry. Therefore it is possible not only to defeat our enemy but also to capture him and make him fight in our ranks.“

    Please read the rest of it because it’s really fantastic and something you should share with the men you know. Become an encouraging man. Encourage other men and when needed…Encourage your family your wife, your children.

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