LL Week 4 “Convicted”

“He makes me lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside quiet waters.
He restores my soul.”
—Psalm 23: 2-3


Today I’d like to jump right into a concept that comes with a multitude of principles that I believe are so important to learn and understand (in order to) remain free—free to experience Him and His Word to the fullest.

Much of what we rely on has been our “feelings” —and all too often our feelings are what drives us—especially when we are operating in the flesh rather than the spirit.

With this in mind, the more we understand this the more, I believe, we will be able to benefit from and avoid continuing to operate in the flesh. 

Let’s begin with the feelings we have when we mess up. Very often when we mess up, we come under either conviction or guilt. The difference between these two emotions is that usual or normal emotion, guilt, does not feel good.

Guilt falls under negative emotions, and condemnation is often the companion or aftermath of guilt. So since these are negative feelings that come over us, where or who do you think they come from?

Right, the enemy.

Negative feelings of guilt and condemnation are NOT from God.

Feelings of guilt and condemnation and whatever thoughts that follow are not what the Lord is telling you at all. So by simply asking yourself HOW you feel and determining if those feelings are negative, you can instantly know where those feelings and thoughts are from, NOT from Him! Instead, these negative feelings are lies and something that you need to shake off like a viper. (Read Acts 28:5 and bookmark your favorite version.)

These are the same feelings that I sense Adam and Eve probably felt, which is why they hid from God. Because another companion of guilt and condemnation is shame and shame pushes you to hide. Hide from others, hide from God, and hide your (accused of) sin.

Yet, this is exactly when we need to go to our Father and speak to it with Him. Each and every time we are in trouble due to something we sense we did wrong, we need to run to, rather than run away from the Comfort and truth we need.

And, this is when we need to identify where the feelings came from: are they good or negative? That's when we run TO rather than away from the One who can set us straight and give us the truth. And when we do, that’s when we will experience His love that “casts out all fear” and also covers a “multitude” of sins and what He died for “while we were yet sinners.”

Be forewarned, the enemy is always waiting to destroy anything good you give “birth” to. And if he doesn’t have permission to steal it, he’ll do something clever— simply dumping negative emotions on you, which makes you feel you want to hide so that he can then follow through with more of his clever schemes.

Thankfully, once we have experienced God's love fully and we really have a close relationship with His Son as a Brother, the more likely we won’t allow ourselves to be separated from Him or allow these negative feelings to remain with us. That’s why as a Believer, we need to practice and then share with other men who don’t know to simply go to Him, talk to Him about everything, allowing Him to love us, to feel His forgiveness, and so that He can help us get things right with whomever.

TODAY, rather than struggling or suffering and falling prey to the enemy, take each of your feelings to your Heavenly Father, God, or Heavenly Brother, the Lord, today. He is sitting right there beside you just waiting to speak His truth of love, forgiveness, and tell you all the wonderful plans He has for your future—if you will only take everything you need to Him.

*Also, be sure to discuss this with Him by beginning or adding to your Daily Journal.